If you are looking for Automatic Gate Design in Atlanta, Entry Control Systems is your solution.

The ideal installation is always one where the automatic gate installer is involved from the very beginning of the job. When it comes to automatic gate design, Atlanta developers, architects and engineers now have a professional solution to choosing the best system for your project. We also provide residential systems for our clients who want access control for their properties.

With our expertise and field experience, we can assist the architect with his automatic gate design and drawings as well as guide the general contractor on how to best handle the construction of the gates and the implementation the operating systems.

Things to consider when designing an Automatic Gate Entry:

  • Expected frequency of openings and closings per day
  • Physical layout and space restrictions of the entry area
  • Building codes or requirements that may apply
  • Single lane or separate Entry & Exit lanes
  • How will pedestrians enter the property?
  • How will emergency vehicles gain access?
  • What level of security is desired?

Entry Control Systems provides:

  • Conceptual and dimensioned drawings of automated gates
  • Architectural specifications from the manufacturers to assist architect
  • Design of turnaround area (in case of entry denial of a vehicle)
  • Conduit and electrical plans
  • Fire and emergency access to meet local codes

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