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Commercial Gates and Access Systems

Commercial and industrial buildings often require gated parking, whether it is to provide separate and secured parking for employees or paid parking for vehicles.

These properties also need a good access control system for entry into their buildings or into individual offices for security purposes.

Different security levels allow the user to decide the “who, when, and where” of access control.  Elevators can be programmed to restrict the floors your guests and employees are allowed to access.

Industrial Gates and Access Systems

Industrial gates are necessary for properties including many factories, trucking facilities. airports, and military complexes.  Many of these sites are required by law to have secure industrial gates that provide employees with safe parking and/or entry to their place of business. Guests are allowed access by presenting credentials at the entry point by means of a telephone entry system where they can be identified and remotely allowed to enter.  Industrial gate installations typically require higher rated equipment than commercial or multifamily properties.

What are the benefits of controlled access?
  • Security from unauthorized persons and/or vehicles
  • Access by remote, card, fob, code, or telephone
  • Individual gate codes for higher security
  • Remotely programmable
  • Time and date-stamped reports
  • Controlled building access
  • Controlled elevator access
  • Distinctive and attractive entrance
  • Higher property values

Surveillance Systems

Commercial and industrial facilities as well as properties such as shops, factories, trucking facilities, airports, and military complexes can also require surveillance systems to offer their employees safe parking and/or safe entry to their place of business. These systems act as a deterrent to prevent theft and break-ins

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