Gate Operator Equipment

Entry Control Systems carries most major brands of gate operator equipment. We pride ourselves in our ability and willingness to guide our clients to the best gate operator product for their individual application.

The blending of field experience and manufacturer’s specifications determines which gate operator equipment is best suited for each job. Different brands work better than others in different situations. Your design may call for a simple single gate operator or require a complex 2 or 3 lane Perimeter Access Management System (PAMS). In either case, Entry Control Systems has the gate operator equipment to handle your needs.

Factors to consider when choosing Gate Operator Equipment Atlanta

  • Size and weight of gate
  • Frequency of operation
  • Whether a barrier arm will be used in conjunction with the gate
  • Speed required of gate operation

DoorKing Gate Operator Equipment

Entry Controls is an authorized DoorKing Systems (DKS) representative… DKS has an excellent vehicular gate operating system which allows automatic entrance to people or vehicles with the proper credentials (coded card, digital code, biometric, etc.) . You cannot access the community or facility without these credentials which can also be used to allow access into and within the community.  You can easily and seamlessly control access to common areas such as pools, workout rooms, laundry rooms, etc.

For controlled access for guests, DKS has a telephone entry system which provides communication to the resident’s home.  Once the guest is identified, the resident can grant or deny access by simply pressing a button on their touch-tone telephone.  DKS gate operators, access control and telephone entry systems offer seamless integration with each other,  providing a high level of security and access control.

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