Gated Communities

Atlanta gated communities and their property managers can count on Entry Control Systems to be their go-to resource for all of their automatic gate and access control needs.

Communities Have Unique Needs for an Automatic Gate System

Gated Communities include condominiums, town homes, apartments, college dormitories, and gated residential neighborhoods. An automatic gate provides security for residents of these communities by deterring entry by unauthorized persons and vehicles. Gated communities frequently need to restrict access to other areas also, such as pools, club houses, tennis courts, and other recreational facilities. Complexes with an automated gate can provide increased revenue for owners as home values in gated communities are often higher than comparable developments without gates.

Residents are provided access to the property by individual access codes and/or gate FOBs and/or proximity cards, whereas visitors are provided (or denied) access by a telephone entry system.

The security level for these systems can range from low-level access (one access code for all residents) to high-level access (telephone entry where residents use land lines or cell phones to remotely allow or deny entry). Easy programming allows a community to add or delete codes at any time, change hours of gate operation, hold a gate open for special circumstances, or program gates differently on holidays. Telephone entry access is capable of event tracking to see who entered the community and at what time.

If you are a property manager of a community in metro Atlanta, Entry Control Systems can help make your property secure, your tenants satisfied and take some of the tedium out of your job with one of our automatic gate systems. 

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