Do not be fooled by a low initial installation price for residential driveway gates! There are many companies in the market that make a living selling and installing “economically priced” residential gate systems. Automatic gates are controlled by their operating systems, whether the gate is wood, aluminum, or steel. The reliability of your gate system is directly dependent on its operating system. This system, the “brain” that makes your gate open and close, is composed of its hardware and its software, not unlike your laptop or your cell phone. There are ways to economize on residential gates, but the operating system is NOT one of these!

Inexpensive operating systems can be found for residential gates which generate savings for the homeowner up front, but eventually you will find that their reliability rate is low. After 15 years in the industry, Phil Wilkins with Entry Control Systems says, “I have seen gate installers use cheap gate operators and poor installation practices in order to save a homeowner up-front money on his gate system. I have also removed many of these sub-quality systems because of constant service problems and expenses. Gate operators are like any other technical device… You get what you pay for!”

Entry Control Systems primarily uses DoorKing products for its residential gates. Phil says, “I prefer to install the DoorKing 6002 swing gate system over all others for residential applications. This is a high quality system that will open and close your gates for years to come and you won’t be constantly calling for service. The cost of your gate is not just the initial installation, although that is usually what a homeowner pays attention to. The real cost is what you spend over a 10 year period while maintaining the system. DoorKing manufactures the best gate operator on the market for generating the lowest overall cost for residential gate systems.”

Ask questions before you purchase your gate system. Ask if a licensed electrician will provide the power to your gate. Ask about proper grounding and surge protection. Ask how deep the posts will be set in the ground and what type hinges will be used. Ask if the wiring will be placed in conduit? If not, how deep will it be buried?  Has the contractor checked on code requirements for your county? Will there be adequate room for emergency vehicles to enter and exit your property? Ask the proper questions at the beginning to avoid problems later. It is a Buyer-Beware market!

Feel free to contact Entry Control Systems about the design of your gated entry or service on your existing system. We are always happy to talk with you!