Proper automatic gate maintenance and access control system maintenance will extend the useful life of all moving parts regardless of whether it’s a commercial, industrial or residential application. Entry Control Systems believes it is best to be proactive in the care of your equipment rather than have an unforeseen malfunction. For this reason, we provide referrals to a network of vetted service professionals who offer Automatic Gate and Access Control Maintenance Contracts based on the specific needs of each client.

The cost and extent of service work performed under a Maintenance Contract are based on several things, including:

  • The number of residents using the gate
  • The number of gates in the community
  • The age, condition, and type of equipment

Entry Controls Systems recommends that an effective maintenance program should include the following at each maintenance inspection:

  1. Inspect, clean or repair electrical contacts, wires, and terminals to insure proper electrical continuity
  2. Check and test safety controls (safety loops and photocells) to ensure immediate response to a mechanical malfunction
  3. Check bearings and motors for visual wear, lubricate as required to minimize overheating
  4. Check belts and chains (belts will be replaced if worn) and adjust limits for proper gate closure
  5. Check driveway sensors for correct sensitivity settings
  6. Check proper operation of telephone entry system and replace any burned out bulbs
  7. Check proper operation of radio receiver and antenna connections
  8. Recommend necessary system updates to bring property up to National Building Code Standards

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