Prepare your Gate for Summer Storms

Now that the summer storm season is upon us, here are a few things to think about concerning your gates and access controls.

Q:  What happens to my entry gate or the gate to my pool if the power goes out?

Entry Control Systems recently received an emergency call to a condominium complex to service an entry gate that was stuck shut. The power was out at this complex, due to a storm, and the residents could not get in or out! On arrival, we found that their battery backup device was improperly installed. This after-hours emergency situation could have – and should have! – been avoided with proper maintenance.

Battery backups automatically trigger a gate to open on loss of power and remain open until power is restored. At a minimum, at least one traffic lane should automatically open during a power failure for ingress and egress to a property.

Entry Control Systems will be glad to check your property for the existence of a battery backup and, if one exists, test the system to make sure the battery is properly installed and operational. This is standard procedure if you have a Maintenance Agreement with us. Have your gates checked NOW to ensure that they will work when you need them to!!!

Q:  Do power surges affect gates and access controls?

In today’s world, computers run just about every aspect of our lives. Gates and access controls are no exception, and just as your computers need to be protected against power surges, so do your gates and door systems.

The power company does the best they can to provide you with steady and reliable electric service, but even so, your service goes through numerous power drops and surges daily. Surge protection devices are essential to protect your equipment from these fluctuations and help to prevent premature failures. But to work, they also need to be properly installed! Entry Control Systems’ partner, Phil Wilkins, says, “I have opened countless panels to find surge protection improperly installed. Some installers seem to take short cuts when installing these devices or they don’t have the proper training to maximize the protection.”

Q:  If I have surge protection on my gates, am I safe from lightning damage?

Lightning and power surges are two entirely different things!

When lightning strikes close to your property, the spike of current can overwhelm your surge protection if it takes a direct path to your equipment. In this case, nothing can protect your equipment!!! If the lightning strike decides to use the utility lines as a path to ground, then any nearby equipment is vulnerable to damage. Anyone who tells you they can entirely prevent lightning damage is taking advantage of your wallet!