Telephone Entry Systems

Telephone entry systems are installed by Entry Control Systems on the basis of customer requirements, the location of the system and, of course, the client’s budget.

The key to any telephone entry system is a proper installation. Phone lines must be installed as per the manufacturer’s instructions. Properly installed surge protection is a critical part of a system’s longevity.

Factors to consider when choosing a telephone entry system in Atlanta

  • Whether its a one-user residential application or multiple-user multifamily application
  • The type of surrounding environment ( i.e. high crime area)?
  • Whether an integration with a PBX system or intercom is needed
  • The need for an electronic directory or printed directory
  • The specific remote programming features that will be required 

Card readers and gate FOBs greatly enhance telephone entry systems. These accessories are commonly used in gated communities and are easily installed with most systems.

Methods of entry must be considered for police and emergency vehicles. In most communities, local codes require an approved switch for emergency vehicles. When choosing a telephone entry system, the solution is simple. Give us a call. We’ve got you covered.

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